Well, where do I start?  I was born and raised in Macedonia, small country next to Greece, been in America for 11 years now!

Very passionate to help people be fit, get in shape, live better! Since I was a teenager, i been helping people to live better life, thru personal improvement and motivation!

I help people reach next level in life and personal fulfillment, by teaching self discipline, the most important characteristic of successful people!

I overcome an enormous set of challenges in my life with ease, and i will be helping you to do the same thing, the best word to describe myself is: disciplined, ambitious, passionate, knowledgeable with and endless trust for helping people!

I fell if i can help more people TO IMPROVE THEIR EXISTENCE IN THIS WORLD, THIS WORLD WILL BECOME A BETTER PLACE, because the world is run by people!

self help guru, fitness guru, Luke Trencevski
I am person of many interests, here some info about me:

What make you come to America?

My passion for fitness and my ambition to make something out of my life, my drive to become the best I can be!  At that time I thought that if I am in America and chase my dream, life will have a meaning and I think I was right today I’m living that dream!

How did you become trainer?

Very naturally, since I was a kid with my gymnastics background, I was really fit and easy going so people were always asking me for advice to the point I couldn’t workout properly, that is when my business sense kicked in and I started asking for money in exchange for the advice that will make my clients hopes come true!

That as primitive as it gets!

What do you do now?

I help people get fit, lose fat and live better; in most cases,  I help people become cooler better versions of themselves!

What you specialize in? 

 In home personal training and kickboxing! Sitting at the gym with all the distractions in it was never my idea of fitness, so I like to teach my clients that fitness does not always come as a result of going to a gym!

Why should somebody work out with you?

Because of my passion and personality and my endless dedication to my craft!

With my proven track record of training from regular to celebrities I have also been successful at training people on 2 different continents Europe ant USA!

Because I pre-scan my clients and I guarantee results

Because im crazy and obsessed with self-improvement and read about 60 books a year!

On side note: I couldn’t read anything in English in 2003!

What are your hobbies?

Reading- a lot

Writhing – not so much

Painting- twice a year

Stand up comedy-prefer to watch than perform

Soccer-the older I get the less I play!

Kickboxing –a lot!

Entrepreneurship- loving taking risks you cant blame me for that!

What are your favorite books? 

Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill

The monk who sold his Ferrari by Robyn Sharma

Every day is Friday by Joel Osteen

Flight plan by Brian Tracy

4 hour work week by Tim Ferries

Rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki


What are your favorite sports?





Formula 1

Who are your heroes? 

Bill Maher


Brian Tracy

Steve jobs

Bruce lee

Pablo Picasso

Sylvester Stallone

Richard Branson

jim Rohn 

What characteristics are the most important in your life? 

Self discipline


Hard work

My word

What you value most?

Gladiator work ethic #hustle

My clients


Good friends

Making the world a better place

Creativity + do things different and better

Life outside the box why be normal?